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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does screen printing work?
2. How does embroidery work?
3 . Once I've submitted my order, how long will it be before I can see a proof of my

4.What size will my screen printed design be?

5. Can I place an order using a purchase order?
6. Do you accept personal checks as payment?
7. I need a specific Pantone ink color. Will you be able to do that?
8. What if my shirts don't fit the way I expected them to?
9. What if the design on my shirts is not what I was expecting?
10. How much time will it take to receive my order?
11. I don't see my question addressed here, how can I contact you?
12. Is the printing you do printed directly on the garments or will it peel off?
13. How is screen printing or embroidery prices determined?
14. Tell me about shipping
15. Do you accept RUSH orders?
16. Do you have minimum orders?
17. What is the normal turn around time?
18 . What is the difference between heat transfers and screen printing?
19 . What type of artwork do you need?

20. Can I order items from your catalog without ordering screen printing or

1. The screen printing process requires vector artwork to be created and a screen
made for each color in the design. Inks are then pressed through the screen in layers to create the exact likeness of the design on your garment. The printed item is then put
through a dryer to completely cure the ink. The price is based on the number of colors
in the design. The greater number of colors, the higher the price. The greater number
of items being done at one time, the less the price.

2 . Each design needs to be digitized (made into a stitch file). You will see a sample of
the design before we embroider your garments. Price is based on how many stitches are
in the design and how many items you have with that design. The more stitches, the
more costly. But the more garments you order at one time the price will go down.

3 . After verifying your order, you should see a proof of your design in your email within
48 hours (week days). Please make sure you are checking your email daily, as the faster you give your approval to go ahead, the sooner we can begin production.

4. Generally, full front and back designs are usually sized between 10" - 12" in width,
but will need to be sized to fit on your smallest garment size. Small left or right chest
designs between 3 1/2" - 4" wide, small center chest designs approximately 6" wide.
Please let us know in advance If you have other dimensions in mind.

5. Yes, we accept purchase orders from legitimate organizations. Purchase orders
must be submitted via US Mail or FAX. You must have an authorized signature on the
order, and include that persons phone number for verification. The production process
will be begin after the verification of the purchase order. If you are a business, your
initial order must be paid for by credit card or check (upon approval). Purchase orders
may be used for any subsequent orders.

6. Yes, we accept personal checks as payment, but please allow 1-2 weeks to our production time to allow check clearance. Please mail checks to Lasting Impressions,
Inc. 7406 43rd Ave. NE, Marysville, WA 98270.

7. Yes, we would be happy to use your specific pantone color. We charge $25.00 per
color for mixing.

8.We have made every effort to utilize brands that are common in the marketplace today. Please order the sizes you generally wear. 100% cotton will usually shrink slightly (approximately 3-5%), depending on how it is washed and dried. 50/50 poly/cotton
blends will usually shrink very little. Decorated clothing is not returnable.

9. We will make every effort to make sure your design is exactly what you ask for.
Before we print each order, we will email a digital proof of your design for you approval.
It is your responsibility at that time, to check for correct spelling, ink colors, and correct design format.

10. We require approximately 2 weeks to produce your order after we have received
your art approval. Shipping time is additional. Please refer to our shipping chart for
estimated ship times.

11. Please feel free to contact us via email, phone or fax with any questions you may
have. Our business hours are 9:00 - 5:00 PST.

12. The process you are thinking of is Heat Press Transfers. We print your design
directly on your garment, color by color using a heat activated ink, which will stand
up wash after wash after wash!

13. Screen printing prices are based on quantity, shirt color, imprint location(s), and the number of print locations. The total number of garments you order will make a big
difference in the prices you are charged. The more garments you order, the less expensive they become. The color of garment is also important. Light colors are less expensive then dark colors, with white being the least expensive color. The number of print locations on a garment also increases the cost. A garment with a 2 location print will cost more then a garment with a 1 location print. Each ink color you add to your design will cost more to
print. A 1 color, 1 location print on a white garment is the least expensive choice if price is
an issue. The size of the design does not affect the price. A small chest design will cost the
same to print as a large full front or back design. Embroidery prices are based on the
quantity of garments you order as well as how many stitches are in your design. Usually,
the larger your design, the more costly to stitch. Number of thread colors is not an issue.

14. Most orders are shipped via UPS Ground . If you desire other shipping methods or
faster delivery time, please let us know in advance. We will be happy to accommodate

15. Yes, we do accept RUSH Orders if our schedule allows. We can also offer faster
shipping options with 3 day UPS, 2 Day UPS and 1 day UPS.

16. Yes, 5 pieces for either screen printing or embroidery.

17. Turn around time varies by the type of item you are ordering. For Promotional
Products, it is wise to allow 3 to 4 weeks. Although many products can be produced
faster and most products can be ordered with a Rush option. Screen printing and
embroidery orders usually have a 2 week turn around time plus shipping. Rush orders
can be accommodated whenever possible.

18 . Screen printing is created using a plastic ink that has a consistency similar to paint. Screen printing should not fad like a heat transfer will and can be put on any color of fabric, unlike some transfers. Screen printed items are of a higher quality and will outlast an item with a heat transfer.

19. For embroidery, just about any type of artwork is acceptable. Keep in mind that very small lettering will not be crisp and easily read. For screen printing, the better the artwork, the less work will be required to prepare it. Our graphic designers will reproduce your
artwork at an hourly rate. Our preference is to have vector art (Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw). Image files such as jpg, jpeg, or tiff can be used but will require our artist to redraw the image. Gif images from the internet are the least easy to recreate because
of their low resolution. An hourly artwork charge will be applicable for any image we have
to re-create.

20. Of course!

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