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Anvil Organic T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

Corporate responsibility. Those are words we take very seriously. In fact, at the heart of Anvil’s mission is a commitment to helping make the earth a better place in which to live and work.

They use sustainable manufacturing methods, recycle their cardboard, save scrap materials to help generate steam power and clean their wastewater. Organic & Reycycled T-Shirts and Fleece.

Port Authority Eco Friendly
People are becoming more conscious about the products they’re buying and how these products are made. That’s why Port Authority offers styles crafted from sustainable resources.
From sport shirts to fleece to accessories, our eco-friendly products are a welcome alternative... working in harmony with nature.
Econscious  Clothing & Accessories
A SEISMIC SHIFT is occurring towards sustainable practices.  By purchasing organic cotton products you can be a part of this movement, make  a  positive  statement  about
your brand and at the same time reduce your environmental impact on our planet.  We invite you to be econscious.
Eco Clothing
Organic Cotton - What is it?  Organic cotton is cotton that has grown in soil that is certified free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for at least three years. The primary method of
growing organic cotton is through crop rotation. Rotating the growing of different crops from season to season on a specific piece of land keeps the insects that feed off cotton from settling in the soil.  Crop rotation also keeps the soil from burning out, allowing natural nutrients to regenerate.

Eco Friendly Bags

Whether you're looking for totes made with recycled content, lanyards made from renewable materials, or reusable shopping
bags, Avaline will help with your green needs.

ReTreads Mouse Pads
Recycled Hard Surface Mouse Pads built on recycled tire rubber. Mouse pads always deliver your message with crisp graphics protected under a long-lasting durable surface.
ReTreads™ makes your promotion GREEN using a 100% post-consumer recycled base.
Biodegradable Water Bottles

e volve™ bottles made with a biodegradable material that helps polymers and other selected materials biodegrade within 1-5 years. Normally there is no effect to the

evolve™ product appearance or physical performance, whether the product is designed to last 1 day or 20 years. e volve™ is made only from FDA recognized materials and regulated processes, which consists of organic and other materials.

Going Green with Norwood
Norwood provides a large variety of environmentally friendly products including
golf balls and accessories, key tags, badge holders, magnets, office accessories, auto accessories, calendars, USB drives, awards, bags, drinkware and pens.
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Organic, Recycled, Green, biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly Products